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The portrait is that of the professor, Francis Hill. The light sources are in a row overhead. My model doesn't diminish light intensity with distance, so the back columns are much brighter than the front. The balls on the columns are all spheres. Their shape is due to distortion in the perspective projection.
The professor returns with a graduate student and an anime character in tow.
This is cylinders sticking out of a shiny cube standing on a shiny swirly floor. No, it doesn't make any sense.
This is meant to be sort of a Stonehenge thing. The position and number of light sources can be seen in the reflections on the ball.
The textures are mapped throughout the objects. It is as if they are machined out of pieces of swirly candy and stacks of colored cubes.
The monolith from 2001 makes an appearance. The lights are in front of the shapes. My shading model doesn't allow the back sides of the objects to be illuminated by reflected light. The color we see on the back sides is the diffuse coloration value, which is a bit of a hack.