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The temple as seen from well outside of temple square.
Standing near the base and looking up, this is the clearest shot I could get of the statue of the angel Moroni.
This is the seagull monument. Read the sign.
Seagull monument. The assembly hall can be seen in the background.
Closeup of the seagull monument.
This is the pipe organ in the assembly hall.
This is the exterior of the famed tabernacle, home of the tabernacle choir.
This is the interior of the tabernacle. The walls are all curved. You can hear a pin drop in this place. I mean it. While we were standing there a Korean tour group trooped in, sat down, and the tour guide walked up to a table by the organ console and dropped a pin on the table. It was loud.
This street musician was just outside of temple square.
These strange trees are on the grounds of temple square.
This just goes to show that doctors really can walk on water.